Page 1 - SEQ Pre-Approval and Timeline
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Your investment will allow Dixon Homes to proceed with the following:

Dixon Homes outlay approximately $4550 for below list

     Lodge plans with certifier
     Lodge drainage plans with council
     Apply for home warranty insurance (QBCC or HOWI)
     Apply for industry levies
     Fix price for 60 days from contract signing date

If finance is rejected the $600 Fee will be refundable. Formal confirmation must be
received by Dixon Homes from your financial institution prior to refund.

Documentation Fee will be offset against total Contract price.

Managing Director

6 certificate of                                                                                                                                                                                 50 YEAR LIMITED
   STATUTORY BUILDING INSPECTIONS registration                                                                                                                                                    7 YEAR LIMITED
                                                                                                                                                                          L                        NON-STRUCTURAL
20 ADDITIONAL BUILDING INSPECTIONS                                                                                             REThis is to certify that the management systems of                     17 MONTH
15 COMPULSORY THIRD PARTY CERTIFICATES                                                                                                                                                           MAINTENANCE PERIOD
35 ADDITIONAL THIRD PARTY CERTIFICATES                                            CATIONSDixon Build T/A Dixon Homes

                                        QUALITY ASSUREDREG            have been formally assessed by International Certifications
                                                                      and found to comply with the requirements of

                                                                      ISO 9001:2008

                                                                      Quality Management Systems - Requirements

                                                  27 Jul 2015         Scope of Registration:
                                        Issue Date                    Design & construction of single or two storey residential dwellings

                                                  30 Jun 2018         Registered Site(s):
                                        Expiry Date                   Dixon Build T/A Dixon Homes-1821 Ipswich Road, Rocklea, QLD, 4106, Australia
                                                                      Dixon Homes Cairns & Townsville-172 Mulgrave Road, Westcourt, QLD, 4870, Australia
                                        Oliver. L. Evans              Dixon Homes Cairns & Townsville-7 Featherwood Street, Mount Low, QLD, 4818, Australia
                                        Chief Executive Officer       Dixon Homes Mackay-19c Juliet Street, Mackay, QLD, 4740, Australia
                                        International Certifications  Dixon Homes New England-49 Rogers Street, Stanthorpe, QLD, 4380, Australia
                                                                      Dixon Homes Sydney-Unit 2/4 Hudson Ave, Castle Hill, NSW, 2154, Australia
                                             TIONAL CERTIFI
                                                                                                     EMBER OF MULTILATERA
                                                                                                COGNITION ARRAGEMEN
                                            ISTRATION NUM             This certificate of registration is issued by International Certifications Limited, 138 Harris Road, East Tamaki,
                                                                      Auckland, New Zealand, 2013 ( Accreditation by Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New
                                                                      Zealand ( Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand is a signatory to the
                                                                      IAF multi-lateral agreement ( This certificate remains the property of International Certifications Limited
                                                                      and must be returned upon request. It must not be altered or defaced in any way and deliberate misuse of the
                                                                      certificate or misrepresentation of the certification will result in cancellation without notification.



Disclaimer. In the event that searches and/or plans are not available or not applicable the owner/s accept that the $100 will not be refundable and the
Builder may terminate Contract or may have to re-estimate the site costing and request a variation if these conditions, regulations and/or Covenant(s),
etc. are different to that used, or made available after Contract is prepared, by the builder to produce the initial costings. Dixon Homes disclaims
liability for action, taken or not taken, omissions, and/or costs subsequent to advice provided prior to entering into the contract due to the refusal of
local Authorities and other to guarantee accuracy of data provided for site assessment purposes. All customers are required to rely on information
provided by their professional advisor and notify Dixon Homes of any inconsistencies. Site Investigation Fee will not be refundable once orders have
been placed.
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